Dr. Her-Shyong Shiah

Her-Shyong Shiah, MD is the Director of Clinical Research at START Taipei.  He is the Director of the Clinical Trial Ward and the attending physician in Taipei Medical University Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan, as well.  In addition, he is an assistant professor in Taipei Medical University.  He obtained the Medical Degree at Chung Shan Medical University in Taichung, Taiwan, in 1994 and was trained in Medical Oncology and Hematology at National Taiwan University Hospital, National Institute in Cancer Research of National Health Research Institutes, and Taipei Medical University Hospital.  He also completed his post-doctoral training at the Laboratory of Pharmacology in Yale Medical University in US and advanced Research Fellowship at Laboratory of Molecular Biology in hematology in National Taiwan University and Laboratory of Cytogenetics & Molecular Biology in Oncology in NTUH cancer Cooperative Laboratory, Taipei VGH Cancer Cooperative Laboratory, and National Institute of Cancer Research in National Health Research Institutes in Taiwan. Before he moved to Taipei Medical University Hospital, he had already focused on clinical research from phase I, II and III, especially on early phase clinical trial.

Dr. Shiah’s major interest is the early clinical development of novel anticancer drugs. He is the co-author in many publications, including the area regarding clinical development of new drugs and basic research. He would like to integrate clinical study into regular clinical service, in order to provide more comprehensive care and higher opportunity of cure.